About Men's Ministry

The Men's Ministry Department serves to support the growth and needs of our Men. In a day and age when the concept of manhood has become greatly misconstrued, devalued and taken for granted, we strive to help the male members within our congregation become all that God has called them to be.   We are average everyday guys, trying to make it in this life just like you.  We hope to:

  • Call men "Out of the Shadows" and into fellowship with their creator, God.
  • Foster a community of brotherhood.
  • Provide a safe place for healing and accountable growth.
  • Empower men to be all that they were meant to be.
  • Teach boys how to become men.
  • Be a brighter light and a blessing to our families.
  • Serve our families, church, community, and ultimately God, with renewed vigor. 
  • And last but not least, we hope to have some fun along the way.