Warren Seventh-Day Adventist Church Safety Guidelines (Members)




Per Michigan Conference of SDA’s authorization to reopen churches, the Warren SDA church may proceed with the following safety guidelines in conjunction with its local county recommendations for gathering sizes.



 PHASE 01 (From June 20 to July 11)




         VULNERABLE MEMBERS (Those 65 years and older or with pre-          existing health conditions affecting the immune and/or respiratory           systems) are encouraged to remain home to enjoy worship online.


          COVID-19 POSITIVE MEMBERS/GUESTS are encouraged to stay home,           self-quarantine, and practice social distancing. Entrance to the facilities will be denied in an effort to reduce transmission to other attendees.


          COVID-19 POSITIVE MEMBERS/GUESTS RETURN TO CHURCH: A           documented negative COVID follow-up test and resolution of symptoms reviewed by designated church personnel, will permit access to the facilities as long as the individual:

  • remains asymptomatic (absent of cough, chills, shortness of breath, loss of smell/taste, diarrhea, blisters/sores of hands/feet, fevers)
  • do not have a fever
  • wear a mask at all times while in the facility


          SICK/ILL MEMBERS/VISITORS are encouraged to remain at home and           self-quarantine until symptoms are resolved. They should seek medical evaluation as necessary.




ENTRANCES: Only the rear entrance to the church building will be used to facilitate appropriate screening and flow of traffic.



  • Screening at entrance for symptoms including temperature check may include but is not limited to:  fever, cough, chills, shortness of breath, loss of smell/taste, diarrhea, blisters/sores of hands/feet.
  • Perform temperature check for all staff, volunteers, members, and guests.
  • Any positive respondents’ entrance will be denied.


MASKS:  Face Masks are required for Phase 1 for everyone entering the building. Members are encouraged to bring their own masks, but masks will be made available for guests and members without one. Children under 2 years of age are excluded.


PEDESTRIAN FLOW:  The general flow of traffic from entrance to exit of the building is clearly demarcated and must be followed.

  • Enter the church building from the rear door, proceed down hallway to entrance at rear of sanctuary. Exit sanctuary from front doors of the building.  Attendees shall be ushered out of the Sanctuary, out of the foyers and to the designated exit.
  • There shall be no congregating or mingling within the sanctuary, foyers, classroom, meeting rooms, hallways.


TAPE/ROPE: There will be markings and roping to conduct flow of traffic, demonstrate direction, indicate appropriate seating and encourage social distancing in the hallways and sanctuary.



  • Greeters will be stationed to welcome and assist you to find a seat. Due to the circumstances there will be NO HANDSHAKING or HUGS.
  • During church service doors will be kept open to minimize the need to touch them.


RESTROOMS: Only the front foyer restrooms will be available. Only the user usage capacity of the bathrooms will be allowed to enter (two people at each time or a child accompanied by the responsible adult plus another user).

  • A volunteer will be station to offer hand sanitizer to those exiting the restroom and to conduct spot cleaning and sanitizing of restrooms between each use.


MOTHERS ROOM:  Limit usage only to those needing to change diapers. Remove all non-essential items.  Keep only one changing table that will be disinfected by designated volunteer.


SANITIZERS: Hand sanitizer will be available in every entrance, restroom, countertop,  throughout the sanctuary, including on the Rostrum/platform.

  • The regular use of hand sanitization throughout the time at the church is encouraged.
  • Members are encouraged to use gloves if they are not able to use hand sanitizers.
  • Handshakes and hugs are discouraged.


VENTILATION: Doors and windows will be kept open while the church is open for service to provide proper venting and air circulation.


HYMNALS & BIBLES: Hymnal books and Bibles have been removed from the pews. If desired, bring your own Bible. During phase one there will be no congregational singing.


MISCELLANEOUS: Water stations/fountains, refreshment centers, potlucks, and other self-service stations are closed during this phase.


          CLEANING:  Cleaning of the church areas used for Sabbath services will take place before and after each service.

  • Cleaning and sanitizing teams have been created to maintain the health and safety of the congregation during Sabbath services.




SABBATH SERVICE ROUTINE PRECAUTIONS: (See Worship Services below for details)

  • Using 6 feet apart and every other pew, we will only accommodate 25% of church capacity.
  • Determined capacity/limits to be posted in plain view.
  • Congregation will be dismissed in a way that supports social distancing. Attendees shall be ushered out of the Sanctuary, out of the foyers and to the designated exit. There shall be no congregating or mingling within the sanctuary, foyers, classroom, meeting rooms, hallways.




          SABBATH SCHOOL: Church will open for Sabbath morning divine service ONLY. Sabbath school will be offered online through the Church’s YouTube Channel and Zoom.us from 9:30 to 10:15 AM.



  • WORSHIP STARTING TIME: Service will start at 11:15 AM. Attendees are recommended to arrive few minutes earlier for screening.
  • REDUCED PLATFORM PARTY:  Only the pastor/speaker and worship leader are needed on the platform. Other participants will not be allowed. The speaker and the worship leader are not required to wear a mask while on platform but must maintain 6 feet of social distance for their safety.
  • PODIUMS: There will be two podiums on each side of the platform. One specifically for the speaker and the second for the worship leader.
  • CHILDREN STORY: Children to remain at their seat while the story is told or viewed on monitors.
  • OFFERING:  Tithes and Offerings will be collected by placing two boxes (or baskets) at the back of the sanctuary. Donations are given as attendees exit the sanctuary. Prayer for the offering conducted within the benediction of the service.
  • MUSIC: During Phase 1 and 2, singing during service will be withheld until further notice. Instrumentals or pre-recorded music/videos will be played instead.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS: Announcements including pre-recorded videos, should be submitted to worship leader until Friday, 12:00 PM, prior to the Sabbath service.






          IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOST: Members of the Warren Seventh-day Adventist Church and anyone who desires to enjoy better health are encouraged to implement in their personal lives principles of healthful living   that will improve their immune system. These principles (Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance (balance, moderation), Fresh Air,     Rest, and Trust in God) are freely and abundantly provided by our Creator to improve disease prevention and/or promote physical and emotional  healing. For more information about healthful living principles click here.


If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us at warren@misda.church. May the Lord continue to bless you as you seek the best way to worship Him in spirit and truth according to your present situation.







Church Board


Warren Seventh-day Adventist Church

June 08, 2020