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The Board of the Warren Seventh-day Adventist Church has decided to reopen the Church for public Sabbath worship services starting on June 20.

Safe measures have  been implemented and clear Safety Guidelines have been developed in harmony with the Michigan Conference  guidelines for the safety of those who will choose to attend church services. Here is a special message from our pastor.


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Register now for FREE for an eight-hour  webinar presented by Pastor Giancarlo de Miranda that will cover the process of developing, writing and delivering sermons. If you desire to learn the art of homiletics this course is for you.

Pastor de Miranda has taught Homiletics classes for college level, and also in missionary training schools.


Dates and times: 

  1. Course Objectives 

  • Develop skills that help in effective communication.

  • Learn how to prepare and deliver short talks and relevant biblical messages.

  • Become familiar with different types of sermons.

  • Develop skills used in the observation and interpretation of the biblical text.

  • Become acquainted with available resources to assist in sermon development and presentation.

  1.  Student Learning Outcomes

  • Research the Scriptures using sound exegesis

  • Develop and construct sermon outlines

  • Preach an expository and topical sermon from an outline

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